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Best Anatomy Models for Students – Which One to Choose?

anatomy models for students

In medical school as a medical student there will be a lot of struggles. You will have to learn a lot. One of the first challenges will be (I think you guessed it) anatomy. To make anatomy easier there are different anatomy models for students.

Anatomy models just recently became more affordable and now you can have one even at Your home.

In addition there are different types of anatomy models for medical students. Some of them focus on whole human body, but some are more specific and focuses on smaller parts of our body. For example, inner ear anatomy model is very popular due to complex anatomy of our inner ear. It’s much easier to understand inner ear anatomy with model.

Best whole human body anatomy models for students in medicine

Probably the most popular anatomy model for students is whole human body model. While at firs sight it seems that it’s a perfect model – it’s not. Most probably You will see these models mostly in high school or some science classes.

Why it’s not the best choice?

Because in medicine You need to learn more details than anywhere else. In whole body anatomy models usually there are no emphasis on details, but anatomy models where these details are described usually are very expansive.

anatomy models for students
Perfect whole body anatomy model with one disadvantage – price!

Perfect model to learn nervous system but also price tag is high.

If You are in high school and love human anatomy – go for cheaper versions of whole body anatomy model. If You want to become doctor or study medicine or You are medical student already – maybe it’s better to choose other options and learn organs and other anatomical structures one by one.

But let’s don’t forget that we are here to help you to choose best anatomy model. So here are our top choices.

Scientific human anatomy model for topographic learning

Whole body human anatomy model

Affordable price and detailed anatomy – great for learning topographical anatomy!

Comparing to other available models this model is precise in gross details, price tag is average and it is easy to learn topographical location of all the organs in human body. Don’t forget that topographical anatomy is very important for such specialties like surgeons, radiologists, neurologists and internal medicine specialists.

Affordable tabletop model anatomy model for students

anatomy models for students
Just leave it on Your table when You are studying anatomy!

This version is much cheaper then previous ones but don’t underestimate it. If You are just starting to learn anatomy it could be confusing to see how detailed our bodies are. For the first encounter with human anatomy this model is perfect and gives perfect insights on how (approximately) our organs are positioned, how they look and feel.

Human skull skeletal anatomy models for students

As the anatomy goes further there is one special part of human body in first years of medical school. It’s a human skull.

It’s special because it is first big struggle in med school. There is one demotivational picture which is connected with this issue:

Temporal bone demotivation picture

To overcome this bony struggle it is good to have human skull bone anatomical model. Keep an eye on models which are easy to disassemble and after that put together.

Another important thing is to look whether there are all small apertures and smaller details. So when choosing best skull bone anatomical models – be careful. You need to find model which has all the small details – apertures, fissures and incisures.

Our top picks for human skull anatomy model would be these two:


Human skull anatomical model.
Great human skull anatomical model with 10 easily removable pieces!

While this is not the cheapest option, it’s definitely is worth a try if money is not a problem. While learning anatomy You will have to name not only structures in a bones but also have a good understanding of how these structures are interlinked. Moreover, You will need to know and understand how nerves, blood vessels and muscles are located on a skull. That’s why easily removable pieces are huge advantage of this human skull anatomical model.

More affordable version would be this one.

anatomy models for students
Affordable 3 piece anatomical skull model!

This anatomical skull version is much cheaper but price cut comes with some limitations. There are only 3 pieces of skull. So You won’t be able to separate all human skull bones. Advantages of this skull are that You still get a good understanding of facial and brain cavity bones. Also with this skull model You will be still able to understand how nerves, blood vessels and muscles are situated.

Brain anatomy model for students

Another big challenge in anatomy (right after skull skeletal changes) is human brain.

If you look on a brain gross anatomy – nothing special. But the problem is that you need to know what every gyrus and sulcus is located. Additionally you will need to know for what each gyrus is responsible for.

When choosing brain anatomical model keep in mind these features:

  • Brain hemispheres should be detachable,
  • Cerebellum should be detachable too,
  • There should be marking in medulla oblongata and there should be good visibility of cranial nerves, 
  • If brain model has blood vessels that’s an additional advantage.
anatomy models - brain anatomical model
These brains has it all – cranial nerves, arteries, detachable parts! Excellent option!

Great option would be this brain anatomical model – it has all aforementioned features!
These anatomical models usually are the most popular and most used, because these structures are the biggest struggles in learning anatomy.
There are other anatomical models too. Let’s just have a quick look on other anatomy models:

  • Inner ear anatomy model.
  • Eye anatomy model.
  • Larynx anatomy model.
  • Specific region anatomy models:
    • Head anatomy model.
    • Lung anatomy model.
    • Abdominal anatomy model.
    • Pelvis anatomy model.
    • Reproductive organ anatomy models.

Of course there can be other anatomical models which You will see in everyday practice. For example, orthopedics use anatomical models to explain patient what will be done during surgery or what problems patients have.

Hope You enjoyed our view on anatomical models. If You enjoyed our review – spread the word – like and share it!

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