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List of 10 (best and worst) funny tasting toothpaste

funny best and worst toothpaste flavours

Funny tasting toothpastes? Yes there are toothpastes like that. Actually some of them has worst toothpaste taste. Some of them are one of the best tasting toothpastes.

Why would we even make a top like this? Simple.

When we start talking about dental hygiene, medical professionals are just like us. I mean, some of them enjoy the process, others do it just because they know they have to. But nonetheless brushing teeth with toothpaste is important.

How can we make this process more enjoyable and even fun, in the same time maintaining the goal of keeping our teeth and gums healthy?

Answer lies just below.  We present you our List of 10 funny tasting toothpastes – best and worst of toothpastes.

Ultimate list of best and worst toothpaste

Licorice Mint toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteLicorice Mint. 
Overall opinion in society about licorice is of two kinds. One part likes them, the other says such taste is awful. We are starting our list with a somewhat controversial toothpaste.  What does your doctor think about licorice? Your spouse? Maybe your son or your daughter? Whoever would be the medical professional to whom you wish to buy this gift for. This toothpaste has been made in collaboration with the Italian company of Amarelli, famous for producing liquorice since 1731, thus acquiring the seductive flavor of liquorice and the freshness of mint.
Vanilla Mint toothpaste - funny tasting toothpastesVanilla Mint. 
Mint is a classic flavor among toothpastes. But what would happen if we mix both - mint and vanilla? Lucky for you, we have found the answer to this question! Smooth vanilla flavor, followed by a refreshing peppermint breeze seems like a perfect combination at the start and end of the day!
Cinnamon toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteCinnamon.
Anyone into cinnamon buns? Not necessarily fresh from the oven but this funny tasting toothpaste will definitely help maintaining that beautiful smile of yours! The manufacturer has used only natural flavoring without any added sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.
Chocolate toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteChocolate. 
You shouldn't get confused...This is NOT a real chocolate. And yet it could be. If you can't tell the difference, how can you be 100% sure?

This awesome toothpaste is unique, since it combines the consequence and cause into one tube.  I mean, the consequence of chocolate eating is resulting into brushing your teeth. The cause of brushing your teeth sometimes is the chocolate eating. Now, if you have an opportunity to brush your teeth while still enjoying the chocolate flavor, isn't that making your life more simple? Just for the record, the expression "Chocolate doesn't ask questions, chocolate understands" is there for a reason.
Orange mango toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteOrange Mango 
Attention! More fruity flavors coming! The idea to take the taste of two beloved fruits and unite them to form the orange mango toothpaste was a brilliant one. Both fruits are common also when making smoothies. Do you have enough courage to make a smoothie right on the top of your toothbrush? We dare you to mix Green apple and Orange Mango toothpastes. That's how you enrich your daily routine.
Sweet cupcake frosting toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteSweet cupcake frosting. 
This not a joke,nor it's a scam. There's a sweet cupcake frosting toothpaste. Now,brushing your teeth with real frosting kind of defeats the purpose. By the way,you shouldn't do that, if you started wondering. However, with this cupcake toothpaste you get all the fabulous flavor of frosting without another root canal!
Bacon toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteBacon toothpaste 
Bacon can be cooked in several ways. It can be used in several foods. Turns out, its taste can be also used to make one of the funniest and strangest toothpastes ever. Bacon flavored toothpaste can be a great gag gift as for vegetarians, as well as for people who actually love everything bacon related. If bacon is not the one taste to go for, try considering some of the fruity flavors that we've presented on this list.
Banana toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteSigmund Freud. 
While all of the previous toothpastes had only flavor as their title,this one has a historical name. How come? Manufacturers of this funny toothpaste have come up with a funny banana taste. It's awesome because it adds up to our potential toothpaste-smoothie collection. And as the manufacturers put it -
 "We’re not sure why we picked banana flavor, it just came to us in an odd dream that involved rockets, cigars and the Washington Monument, but you’re welcome to analyze the decision. We do know for sure that it satisfies our oral fixation."

Sounds good to us!
7 toothpaste gift set - funny tasting toothpaste7 flavor gift set. 
When we've helped you realize the wide potential behinf funny tasting toothpastes, perhaps you've somehow lost the focus. How can I choose only one? You don't need to! We've chosen this 7  flavor gift set as the perfect match for trying out  different shades of toothpaste. Amarelli Licorice, Aquatic Mint, Cinnamon Mint, Classic Strong Mint, Ginger Mint, Jasmine Mint and Whitening Mint - all of theses flavors included in this gift set.

Isn't that impressive?
Green apple toothpaste - funny tasting toothpasteGreen apple. 
On the other hand, there's a green apple flavored toothpaste. Sweet and juicy and makes you feel fresh,just like a green apple would,if you collected it from a tree. This toothpaste by Supersmile will make you feel super and smile each day! Greetings  to all vegetarians out there!

I watch children a great deal; their idea is that rules are always negotiable, whereas you absolutely cannot joke at the airport about your toothpaste, and you cannot rollerblade in Grand Central Station. I keep running up against these things!

(Natalie Jeremijenko, Australian artist)

Sure, we are not children anymore. But maybe we can grab the idea of allowing ourselves a moment of amusement, rather than being serious all the time? Or maybe You have some friend who would deserve worst toothpaste?

Anyway we hope You found our list interesting!

Have fun brushing your teeth with best and worst toothpastes!

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