Best Beard Style for the Doctors

Best beard for doctors

Beard can no longer be considered as a fad or trend, its capacity to withstand the test of time is a testimony that sporting facial hair is here to stay.

While growing beard is a way to minimize or conceal the features that you don’t like about your face, it can also be used in enhancing the facial attributes that you like.

Nowadays, you can also see various people from the medical industry sporting different types of beard.  The best beard for the doctors will highly depend upon the shape of their face.  Following the generic rules will help them achieve the optimal type of beard.  Remember that when you are planning to grow a facial hair, there is always the main principle of making the beard and the jaw line work in harmony.

While the medical community is not forbidding the doctors to grow facial hair, it is still recommended to keep them within the standards to prevent any issues that may arise while performing sensitive medical procedures.

Beard for Oval Shaped Face

The best beard for doctors with an oval face will mostly be all types of beard.  They are generally in between of the different facial shape which makes almost any type of beard work on them perfectly.  Take George Clooney for example, he has been sporting different types of beard every now and then, and any style always looks good on him.  But remember, you need to keep your cheekbone free from fuzz when doing this.

Beard for Triangle face

For doctors who have a triangle-shaped head, the process of growing the beard can be quite complex.  You need to keep your jaw and your forehead proportional and balanced.  You will need to go for the short-type of beard.  Be sure to maintain your jaw and neck spotless.

Beard for Square face

For doctors who have a square type of face, a short and full beard would be the best.  This will highlight the square of your face, elongate your neck and define your jaw line.  David Beckham would be one of the prominent personalities with a square jaw.  The trimmed beard will also guarantee that it will not serve as a distraction when performing a medical procedure.

Beard for Diamond face

Experts believe that having a short and full beard will complement doctors with a diamond-shaped face.  The best beard for doctors is the type that maintains short hair on their chin.  It will help you balance the wide area of your face and your cheekbone.  It can also broaden and cover your chin.

The best beard for doctors will ultimately be contingent upon the structure of their face and their goal.  It is very essential to understand the shape of your face.  This will help you in finding the right facial hairstyle that will enhance your looks.  You should also consider your profession and make sure that it will not intervene with your performance.  The full beard similar to Jake Gyllenhaal may look perfectly on you, but if it affects your job, then you should highly reconsider it.

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