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We all have had that one video game that didn’t let us go to bed on time. If only we counted all the times when they have been labelled as ‘dangerous’, ‘addictive’ and other words with negative meaning… Now, some of that may well be true, but it wouldn’t be wise to deny their use in practical fields. Looking into Best Video Games for Doctors is a smart move.

As we will find out, it is a way for surgeons to improve their reaction and performance and for non-surgical doctors to improve their reasoning and pattern-recognition skills.

Before we proceed we present You all games that are mentioned in this article and were used in scientific research:

Best Doctors Video GamesOur Rating

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World of Warcraft: Legion
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Assassin's Creed Origins
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Top Spin 4
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Microsoft Amped Freestyle
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Half-Life: Game of the Year Edition
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Doctors Video Games,really?

There are several actual research studies done that evaluated the use of video games in clinical settings.

To be clear, we are not talking about different types and levels of simulators available here. As Mr. Miyagi  from “Karate Kid” once told: “Wax on, wax off. Wax on,  wax off.”

One can learn necessary skills by doing something not even remotely close to the particular skill.

Doesn’t make a lot of sense? Basically, the idea in the movie as well as in the real life is that one can learn necessary skills by doing something not even remotely close to the particular skill. For example, Daniel (“Karate Kid”) washes a floor, paints a fence, waxes a car in order to learn karate.

Best Video Games for Surgeons

Surgeons play a game console before surgery sim and improve their statistics.  How big is the improvement? Drinking coffee improves alertness, but you don’t see people making a hype about that.

It might come as a shocker but surgeons, who played video games at least for 3 hrs/wk showed fewer mistakes and completed the procedure faster. That is, fewer mistakes by 37% and the time to complete the procedure down by 27%. There are health benefits to completing literally any surgical procedure as fast as possible.

Furthermore, the overall laparoscopy simulator score was up by 33%. A fun fact, those doctors who played video games for more than 3hrs/wk had an improvement of the final overall score by 42%!

Half-Life is a first person shooter game. It is one of the most successful games that improve surgeons’ endoscopy and laparoscopy results. It is proved in this study called “Systematic review of serious games for medical education and surgical skills training” (2012).

If we’re looking at best doctors video games, then Super Monkey Ball 2 is in the top list as well. It was highlighted as one of the most promising video games for surgical training, endoscopy and laparoscopy in particular.
Internal medicine doctors play MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and inadvertently improve their decision-making.


Amped is one of the games, research study has found a correlation with laparoscopy handling speed. Additionally,if the doctor is into winter sports (many are!), this will be a great way to spend few hours a week. Enteraining and useful,  that is great!


Top Spin is a sports simmulator,namely, tennis. It’s not just any tennis sim but one of the best on the market. It turns out it has a “side-effect” or,rather benefit of improving surgeons skills. Most certainly it is one of the Best doctors video games!



Best Video Games for Doctors

So,surgeons focus on practical details – performing the surgery, reaction time, eye-hand coordination, to name a few. In the meantime, doctors (internal medicine and such) have more of a theoretical work. Decision-making, strategy development, reasoning skills and logical thinking. It turns out those can also be improved through video games.

Assassin’s Creed Origins, just like any other Assassin’s Creed games are very entertaining and demanding. One needs to acquire and remember a lot of controls and implement them properly. Additionally, the gamer must think of a proper strategy, choosing different paths in the world,as well as in the character’s development.


World of Warcraft or similar MMORPG game. Such games are basically ‘all-strategy’. That is the sole purpose of them. Gamers here play in teams, develop plans to overcome different obstacles. Successful gaming here requires in-depth analysis of different game details, finding connection between them etc.


Is the doctor a basketball or soccer fan? FIFA for soccer or NBA2K for basketball is the answer. Of course,they can be just for entertainment. However, ‘next level’ game requires a full set of skills. Both physical and mental. One needs to be acquainted with right strategies in the particular sport. That is,if he wants to become a champion. And who doesn’t want that? Along the way the game picks up the ability to respond to different situations in a manner that will allow him tog ain the biggest benefit. Moreover, the game learns to change the strategy whenever the situation requires that. That is a very important skill for a doctor as well!

Which of the Best Video Games for Doctors should I choose?

It all comes down to deciding which one will be most suitable, most useful, most entertaining. To determine that, we have made an easy-to-follow cheat list.

  1. Find out what kind of hardware is the doctor using. Most popular are PC, XBox , Playstation. DIfferent models for them as well, so just remember – one game will work only on ONE of them!
  2. Ask the doctor about previous gaming experience. Just like with everything – if someone didn’t liek something before, there’s a small chance he/she will do it in the future. Even if it’s beneficial to them!
  3. Find out the particulars of his profession and specialization. Surgeon? Non-surgical doctor? Other associated and important details?
  4. Determine his preferences in real life. Hunting? Team sports? Comic-cons? Chess?
  5. Ask him about the movie preferences. There’s a strong correlation between these two.
  6. If you know the doctor is already into gaming, then probably he loves tech-savy stuff. There are other stuff that can help out in doctor’s everyday life.

To conclude, remember that it’s  worth a shot! I assure,there might be only two groups of doctors. One that will be delighted to get hands on a new game and the other that will be more reluctant to use such learning/entertainment method. Keep calm and explain the evidence-based science behind this idea!

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