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Best Medical Watches for Doctors in 2018

Watch is important accessories for many professions and doctors are not an exclusion. To find best watches for doctors there are certain things which You should look for. Another thing which You need to consider is the environment in which doctor is working, for example, surgeons will work in operating theater, radiologists will work mainly sitting in front of the computer etc.

So we will discuss these important features which should be included in doctors watch. But before we proceed let us present You our best watches for doctors.

Best Medical Watches for DoctorsOur Rating

Seiko Astron
Click on image to check the price
(4.5 / 5)

This is perfect watch - no need to charge, automatic time zones and great style!

Caduceus White Swiss Automatic Watch
Click on image to check the price
(4.5 / 5)

Caduceus on a watch will show from which field You are. This also could be great graduation gift for Young doctors!

White Apple Watch
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(4.5 / 5)

White Apple watch will be great addition to white coat. Additionally You are able to use wide range of smart watch functions to ease the work of medical professional.

Speidel Scrub Watch for Medical Professionals
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(3.5 / 5)

Will go excellent with white coat. Silicone band will be more durable and it is easy to clean it.

Stainless Steel Medical Watch
Click on image to check the price
(3 / 5)

With this watch everyone will know that You are a medical professional!

Stainless Steel Medical Watch
Click on image to check the price
(3.5 / 5)

Extra durable with Velcro Band. Would be great for Emergency medicine doctors so that You can attach it to Your uniform!

Prestige Medical Lapel Glow Watch
Click on image to check the price
(3.5 / 5)

Not necessary to carry watch on a wrist - Just put it in white coat and check it when you need. Also it will glow in dark!

Prestige Medical Galaxy Stethoscope Watch
Click on image to check the price
(4 / 5)

Attach watch to the stethoscope and check time while you are using stethoscope!

Dakota Leather Casual Watch
Click on image to check the price
(4 / 5)

Simple design with 15 second marks for heart rate measurements. Leather band is easy to clean!

Main function of watch, of course, is to show time. Thanks to modern technologies watches can do so much more – that’s why it can be confusing to find watch for doctor.

Things to consider when searching watches for doctors

Chronograph, Digital and Smart watch

First of all we need to decide what kind of watch we want to give to doctor – chronograph, digital or smart watch.

Best Medical Watches for Doctors
Stylish chronograph watch for doctor!

Chronograph watches are the classics. These are the most popular watches and probably most worn watches. Chronograph watches goes well with doctors dress code and overall picture. So in terms of style these watches will be the best option. If the doctor prefers classical things then you definetly should go with chronograph watch.

With development of digital era digital watches and smart watches were introduced. In nowadays it’s not a surprise if You see many doctors with smart watches on their wrists.

Best Medical Watches for Doctors
Digital watch with electronic display

According to the style trends digital watches are not so widely accepted and somewhat doesn’t go along with doctors dress code. Some digital watches will have problems to withstand continuous application of dessinfection solution or hand washing.

Now we will have a look on smart watches.

Best Medical Watches for Doctors
Samsung Gear S smartwatch.

Smart watches for doctors are new trend. As the technology evolves we see more and more doctors wearing smart watches.

Good thing about smart watches is that there are so many additional functions which doctors can utilize, for example, neurologists have to memorize different scales for evaluating patients status like Glasgow’s coma scale, ASPECTS, Rankin’s scale. Also if doctor is on call then probably he will receive many messages or calls. It would be more convenient to see them on smart watch screen than picking up phone every time.

In conclusion it’s important to know doctors style, profession, specialization and preferences to decide which of there three types would be best watches choice for doctors.

Battery life and battery type for watch

best watches for doctors
Astron watch doesn’t have to be charged at all!

 Another thing to consider when searching medical watches for doctors is battery life and battery type.

Depending on battery type there are different ways to charge battery. For example there can be cell batteries wich stores energy in a cell, there can be lithium Ion batteries (for smart watches) wich is found in mobile phones or watch can be powered mechanically with mainspring.

If watches utilizes cell batteries usually battery life is enough to power watch for many years (of course taking in account watch type). Cell batteries can have different chemicals thus changing the battery life and battery structure.

If  doctor decides to use smart watch then battery life is smaller and doctor will have to charge watch every day or every other day. That is biggest disadvantage for smart watches. If it is not charged properly than it is a disaster of watch battery dies during patient examination.

Watches which utilizes spring mechanisms can be very appealing for doctors. Older models had to be manually “charged” by turning the knob as a result mainspring would power movements of doctors watch.

In nowadays there are self-winding watches which winds the spring by utilizing movement of arm. The result? There is no necessity to charge watch. Ever. If you take in account all previous recommendations, find perfect watch for doctor and it is self-winding then it is really good option as a watch for doctor.

Additional features to look for when searching watches for doctors

Lapel or wrist watch

The doctor watches can be Lapel or wrist type. Some Doctors will go for the wrist-type watches because it can be easily accessed from your wrist. However, they can be soiled by the micro organism and constant washing.

On the other hand, a good number of Doctors prefer the Lapel type because you can pin it to your cloth or stethoscope. But you may experience challenges using it when measuring pulse. Lapel and wrist watches both have their upsides and downside, but your choice should depend o what you want to use it for.

Back light

Best watches for doctors
Watch with a nice backlight!

The watches with a back light are fantastic because you can easily access it when in a dark environment. The digital watches have an Indigo light while analog watches have a glowing background.


The price of doctor watches determines the type they will go for. A cheap watch can get broken or soiled during clinical duties, but a more expensive type can last. High end and expensive watches may not be the best for doctors. Going for a watch that can be easily replaced when broken is better.


  • Medium to large base plate
  • Affordable
  • Equipped with back light or glow-in-the-dark feature
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy battery replacement
  • Replaceable band
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lightweight
  • The time format

You will consider the above-listed features when purchasing the doctor watches. You can also find more advanced features on other Doctors watch that is not in this article.

In conclusion ease of use, efficiency and sometimes battery life is things to look for when You are searching medical watches for doctors.

We hope You enjoyed our viewpoint on watches for doctors. Hopefully with this guide you will be able to find best medical watches for doctors.

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