How to Choose Best Pens for Doctors?

Pens For Doctors

While we are moving deeper into digital age doctors still use pens a lot. Even if most of records and data will be digitalized You still need to put Your signature on. In most cases it will be done with pen. In this guide we will try to help you to find best pens for doctors.

Actually pens for doctors are still somewhat their identity. Sure, they can choose cheap options from convenience store, but they would appreciate nice, stylish, comfortable pen too. Pen for doctor can serve also as a thank you gift.

How to choose pen for a doctor?

best pens for doctors
Pen with engraved caduceus emblem and with option for personalisation.

While many pens could look and feel the same, there are some features which would be useful to keep in mind while choosing it for doctors.

How pen will be used by doctor?

Doctors job can be variable. At some point during job doctor can sit by the desk and giving consultations to patients in person. There can be calls from other wards and necessity to consult patients there. Nevertheless, doctors could perform surgeries or other manipulations during which pen won’t be necessary.

Main point is that doctors pen could stand on a table or pen could be carried around in a white coat pocket. Those are the things which is necessary to consider when thinking about best pen for doctors.

Best color for doctors pen

White pen would go very well with doctors white coat. Most of the doctors (if they take pen with them) will keep it in front  a chest pocket. That’s why any other color could  I be out of picture.

BEST pens for doctors
One of the most popular superheroes – SUPERMAN!

Black pen would be suitable for doctors desk. Especially if doctor has dark desktop.

Colorful pen? Maybe it’s better to skip colorful pens unless you are searching pen for pediatricians. In that case the only limitation is Your imagination.

Why? Because pediatricians work with children and sometimes you can use anything to get childrens attention or distract child and, yes, pen can be used for that as well.

As we started talking about pediatricians actually You could choose a pen with different paintings, symbols or cartoon characters on it too. For example there are sets of pens which are with multiple cartoon or superhero characters.


Best pen stroke for doctors pen

best pens for doctors
Highest class and style pen with excellent thin stroke!

Generally there are two pen strokes which are used – thin and thick. You would be curios which one doctors prefer best?

I think it’s not too hard to guess. Keeping in mind that doctors have to write a lot of information on a small papers sometimes most of the doctors will prefer thin pen stroke. Of course, there can be exceptions.

Exception would be if doctor uses pen only for his signature. Then most probably thick pen stroke would be better because signature must look significant and important.

best pens for doctors
White pen with light, ruler and pupil measurements.

Some additional features which you could look for:

  • Stand for pen. If pen will be standing mostly on a desk then look for pen whit a stand.
  • Rubbered pen. Rubbered pens have their pros and cons. Pros would be that you have better grip of pen and if pen is made completely from rubber then it’s easier to clean it. Cons – rubber is not so durable as other materials.
  • Clip on a pen. This probably is small, but necessary thing that should be in all pens for doctors. It is necessary to put pen in a pocket and it would stick firmly to lab coat.
  • Stylus. Stylus can be very useful if doctor uses touch screens. If it is necessary to wear latex gloves – it will interfere with doctors ability to use smartphone. In these cases stylus on a pen is an excellent solution.
  • Light on a pen. For most people light on a pen would be just a nice addition. For doctors it could be valuable addition for work. Neurologists often check pupillary light reflex and patients ability to react to light. While not on a every day basis, other doctors also are checking pupillary light reflex, for example, primary care physicians, internal medicine doctors, family doctors.
  • Soft and sharp pick in pen. As we started talking about neurologists let’s continue. Neurologists are checking not only pupillary reflex but also sensations. To do that they often use soft and sharp picks. With these picks they  touch different parts of the body to determine whether there are loss of sensation in some regions.
  • Laser pointer. Doctors don’t just treat patients. They have many additional duties. To put it simple – public speaking. Where? Conferences, lectures for students and colleagues, presentations for patients etc. With laser pointer they would be able to emphasize necessary things in their speeches and presentations.

We hope You enjoyed reading your view on pens for doctors. Hopefully now You will be able to choose best pen for doctor.

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