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Best Scrubs for Doctors and Medical Professionals

Best scrubs for doctors

If You are working in hospital then You know that amazing feeling when You can take off street clothes and put on light, comfortable and beautiful scrubs. If not, then You just have to believe us! No doubt that scrubs are very important for doctors. In this article we will choose best scrubs for doctors. Also we will draw attention on which things You should focus one choosing scrubs for doctors or other medical professionals.

Before we proceed here will be our thoughts on best scrubs for doctors, nurses and medical professionals:

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Why scrubs are so important for doctors, nurses and other medical specialists?


First of all, scrubs are working clothes, and depending on how scrubs look on doctors – patients will draw conclusions. For example, if scrubs are dirty, untidy and loose – patient can have a bad opinion about doctor even before healthcare. Also it will lower patients trust for doctor which can be major issue.

Secondly, good scrubs can have a huge impact on doctors comfort level, mood and feelings. You can compare how would You feel in hot summer day in long, thick trousers and long-sleeve shirt versus easy to wear shorts and t-shirt. I bet there would be huge difference.

Another analogy which I can draw Your attention to is when You come back home from work. I just love to take off working clothes and put on sweatpants or some lighter clothing. Same goes for doctors and medical professionals when changing from regular clothes to scrubs.

Things to consider when choosing best scrubs for doctors

While there are many options in the market for medical scrubs there are some things to pay attention to. If You pay attention to these details You will be able to find best scrub for doctors without any problems. On the other hand, if these things are not considered, You risk to buy low quality scrub which will be hanging in the closet and won’t be worn any time soon.

So we will look on scrub material, style and color.

Best Material for Scrubs

When You are searching for scrubs one thing You need to pay huge attention to is material. Usually on every scrub there will be note about which material is used. There are more than one option – cotton, synthetics, different kinds of polyester.

So how to choose best material for scrubs?

Easiest way would be to wear it and try it on, but, of course, scrubs are not always available. In addition, if You buy scrubs online – it is not possible to touch it. We decided to look from what material are made our top picks.

best scrubs for doctors
Cherokee scrubs are made from polyester and spandex poplin!

Cherokee scrubs are usually made from polyester and spandex poplin and those scrubs are the most popular. Depending on preferences You are able to choose between “stretch” material, softer material or antimicrobial material.

Stretch material will be made with high content of polyester and spandex. No cotton at all. These uniforms will be more comfortable but won’t be so durable.

Softer material scrubs would be made from polyester, spandex and also some addition of cotton. As a result scrubs from these materials will be more durable.

Also Cherokee produces 100% cotton uniforms which are heavier and very durable.

best scrubs for doctors
Dickie’s scrubs use polyester and cotton in their scrubs!

Dickie’s scrubs material is mix of polyester (up to 91%) and cotton fibers. This combination can give high comfort level and durability which is necessary for scrubs.

Dickie’s also have many variations of materials depending on what is the most important for Your scrub – comfort, durability or weight.

In conclusion we can tell that there are many options in scrub material. Our suggestion would be don’t go with 100% cotton scrubs. Choose cotton or spandex combined with polyester. This would be best material for scrubs because in these combinations durability is preserved and comfort is at high level.

Best Style for Scrubs

Additionally we can look on different style of scrubs. We will focus on 3 things:

  1. Neck type – closed neck scrubs, v-neck scrubs or mild-open scrubs.
  2. Pockets – should there be pockets? How many? Where they should be located?
  3. Fit – loose or tight?

First of all, we will talk about different neck types for scrubs.

So there are high collar neck scrubs (also called crew-neck scrubs). These scrubs go all the way up to the clavicles and covers them. These scrubs are usefull if you want to minimize contamination risks and decrease risk of hair, skin parts or microbes escape from your body to outer world. So these scrubs are more suitable for operating doctors and for doctors who will be in operating theater. High collar scrubs are not so good for Your comfort. Additionally because of closed space your body won’t be able to breath properly. Combine these scrubs with 100% cotton material and You will have sauna right on You. It will be impossibly hot and uncomfortable for doctor. So try to avoid this combination as this won’t be the best scrub for doctor.

Mild-open neck type scrubs are somewhat between V-neck and high collar scrubs. This is good option for classic scrubs – they are not eye catchy, body can breath with this collar type and they don’t bother anyone. Before V-neck scrubs got popular these scrubs were considered the best choice for everyday work. For surgeries, of course, we need to go back to high collar neck scrubs/crew-neck scrubs.  So this option is good for everyday work. Additionally You can combine different kind of materials with this neck type. If You need durable, classic everyday scrub go with this neck type and at least 90% of cotton fibers scrub.

V-neck scrubs are the most popular scrubs. Mostly because of comfort level and style trend in general fashion. With V-neck You look stylish, Your body can breath and You have no problems to take it off.

Our conclusion on neck type for scrubs – if You will use scrub for surgeries go with high neck scrubs combined with high polyester content in it. If You want to use scrub for everyday use – go with V-neck medical scrubs, those will be the best scrubs for general use. 

Should there be pockets on scrubs? It depends on use of scrub. If scrub will be used mainly for surgeries, then it should be without pockets or leave one pocket in lower part of scrub. Why there should not be chest pocket? Because often you can forget that You put something in it and when You are going down something can fall out from it! That never should happen during surgeries. If scrub will be used for daily rounds and patient check up then it’s good option to have all three pockets – one chest pocket and two pockets in lower part of scrub. In that case You will be able to put everything You need in medical scrub.

Fit vs loose medical scrub. In this case go with golden midway. Loose scrubs will look lousy and unprofessional. Same thing goes with very fit or tight scrubs – that doesn’t look professional. Slightly slim-fitted medical scrubs would be the thing to go with!

Best Color for Scrubs

Best Scrubs for Doctors
Blue color is on of the most popular colors for scrubs!

You can choose any color for Your scrub, but will the color be suitable for Your position and location? That’s the main question!

In most situations best color for scrubs would be neutral color.

It happens to be that neutral colors in medical field are the most popular colors for scrubs:

  • green color,
  • blue color ,
  • white color,
  • grey color.

If You go with any of these scrub colors – there won’t be a single problem. On the opposite there are some bad colors for scrubs too. The problem is that people perceive colors in subconscious level, as a result there can be unpleasant interactions with medical colleagues or patients. Let’s see some examples.

Red color is very aggressive and of course it’s not a good sign in medical field. If You have patient who is aggressive, red color will provoke even higher aggression. Same thing applies for orange color.

Pink color could be a good options for nurse, but be careful with intensity of pink color. Pink color would not be so suitable for doctors because doctor loses his authority in the eyes of patient.

In addition there are scrubs with patterns and different characters. Those scrubs probably would be more suitable for pediatricians and in children’s hospital. For example there are variety of Disney scrubs from Cherokee.

Best scrubs for doctors
Little Mermaid Scrub from Cherokee

These are the things to consider when searching best scrubs for doctors or other medical professionals, e.g., nurses, medical assistants. Hope You Enjoyed our thoughts on how to choose best scrubs for doctors.

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