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Best Shoes for Medical Doctors in 2017

best shoes for medical doctors

Doctors that work in most hospitals and surgical centers can be on their feet fifteen or more hours a day. Some doctors and nurses in a hospital setting could pull twenty-four-hour shifts and not even think twice about it. Finding the best shoes for medical doctors and nurses who have to endure these long shifts is unnerving, to say the least.

If You consider yourself expert on shoes and want to check our top picks, here it is:

Want to know why we are choosing these shoes for medical doctors? Then continue reading!

So what are the best shoes for medical doctors?

If you’re working in a hospital or surgical center, the best shoes for medical doctors must be OSHA compliant. OSHA regulations may stipulate slip and slide resistance, body fluid and other hazard retardant and never open toed shoes in a medical facility can be worn.

The best shoes for medical doctors and nurses will depend on their fashion preferences, comfort level, breathability, and purpose. The shoes could be chosen for making rounds or standing for long periods of time. Different purpose requires different types of shoes for each. Hence the need of buying several different types of shoes. Besides changing them more frequently will prolong the lifetime of each and one of them.


The best shoes for medical doctors aren’t the most fashionable. However, Dansko has been proven to be the go-to brand. Additionally, shoes made by this company are APMA  approved. A podiatric doctor is a feet specialist. Thus, with their acknowledgment, these shoes have proved their quality and effect on the health of our feet. Dansko professional clogs offer the most support while being easy to slip off and whisks away spills and other hazardous materials.

The thing to keep in mind is that Dansko is a company from Europe. Therefore, the sizing differs from the one used in America. In order to understand which size would fit you, there’s a size chart on their homepage.

Additionally, although the vast majority of positive reviews from customers speak for themselves, one must understand that Dansko uses a sturdy cork sole, so they might not be as cushy as others. This aspect which might seem negative in the beginning proves as being very efficient in keeping your posture straight. That is, this way it relieves the stress on weight-bearing joints. Furthermore, the high heels and arches of different height provide customer with necessary comfort when walking all those miles during the shift. That is true for both medical doctors and nurses.

If someone has the condition called flat feet, then they’d have to look for shoes that are suitable for people with this condition.


Crocs should be another consideration when trying to decide which may be the best shoes for medical doctors. They are comfortable, breathable and easy to slip on and off in seconds making them one of the best shoes for medical doctors. They also offer the ability and support to run, stand and walk for long periods of time. One model, in particular, the Crocs Specialist has received much support from the hospital workers, both nurses and doctors. It meets the above-mentioned workplace requirements. Besides that, they’re very lightweight, made from an odor-resistant material that is easy to clean. Enhanced arch support gives that much-needed stability in a hospital setting.

Merrell’s Encore Breeze

These slip on shoes are amazingly light and made of breathable yet stain resistant to spills material. Although being slip on shoes, they are very comfortable and supportive. Merrell’s tend to be a little more fashion-friendly than previously mentioned Crocs. Keeping in mind that in a workplace like a hospital other features are more important, we can’t forget about the design. Merrel’s have a wide variety of colors to choose from so there can be no doubt they will match your scrubs perfectly. Above all, they will get you through a long day in the OR and support your feet in comfort as you do your rounds. Merrell’s Encore Breeze may become the best shoes for medical doctors for you.

New Balance

New Balance shoes are a go-to for many because of their orthopedic support and comfort. Many sports players and athletes boast these are the best shoes on the planet. A good shoe that is designed for running may not be as good for working, especially when the main activity is walking and standing. New Balance has a collection of walking shoes made for the occasion. Medical doctors have the need to be on their feet for long hours, standing and walking with running in between. Consequently, New Balance may be the best shoes for medical doctors.

Cowboy Boots

When doing research on the best shoes for medical doctors I was utterly shocked to see cowboy boots on the list. Medical doctors are saying that cowboy boots offer the most support, stains and spill resistance. They are also comfortable for long hours on their feet, who knew. Cowboy boots are slip-on, with sufficient support for lower part of the foot and breathable. Perhaps they’d be more accepted in the Southwest but why not give it a try?

With this in mind, here’s a piece of advice for those who want to make happy their loved ones. Medicine, among all other things, is about hierarchy. Possibly you wanted to give cowboy boots as a gift for your loved one who happens to be a medical student or a resident at the time. That being the case, try discussing this before making a purchase. In some cases, such footwear might lead to awkward situations from the superiors and colleagues.

Finding the best shoes for medical doctors, and nurses can be daunting especially if your feet hurt all the time. Try out several pairs and find the shoes that pamper your feet and give you exactly what you need.


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