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Gift Ideas for Medical School Graduates and Young Doctors

Gift Ideas for Medical School Graduates and Yound Doctors

Medical school graduate gift should greet the graduate with the first completed milestone in professional career.

That being the case, it would be very thoughtful to supplement the satisfaction with something memorable. You know what they say, it’s the thought that counts. We all want to feel appreciated by our family and friends. Medical school graduates are no different. Medical school graduate gift should reflect the obstacles they have overcome to be where they are.

Bearing that in mind, a very good idea would be to think ahead. Memorable gift that has both sentimental and practical value,that’s the perfect way to go. To make your life easiest, we have come up with a list of ten unique items suitable as medical school graduate gift.

Useful tech gadgets

Gift ideas for young doctors
The beauty of technology is that it works for us facilitating the completion of certain tasks. We’ve picked three types of gadgets that are not only nice as a present but they also obtain an additional value when given as a medical school graduate gift.

Alarm clock

The best friend and the worst enemy of each medical student, resident and doctor. It helps you get up and start your shift on time. What would be great if that didn’t imply waking you up from a sweet dream. They come in different shapes and sizes. They differ by price and funcionality. Subsequently, choosing an appropriate alarm clock mught be a tough choice to make. We offer you two options we found interesting.

Digital LED Calendar Clock

Although it may lack superb design properties, the functionality definitely outweighs such minor drawback. With a big 12 Inch display all the information is provided in big letters, so there’s no chance to go to work by mistake (oh yes,it does happen!). Of course, possibility to adjust screen’s brightness is a must.

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. It is an astonishing piece of technology for all those who prefer multifunctionality. It’s original design will fit in any interior. The  360 degree omnidirectional speaker will fill your room with high-quality sound at any time. Just ask! That’s right, Alexa Voice Service will take care of everything else.  Weather forecast, News, Sports scores, Audiobooks, Requesting a car for Uber and so much more. Among other things, Echo also has an alarm clock function. Moreover, Echo is compatible with smart home connected devices. For example, use this gadget to switch on the lamp before getting out of bed or turn on the fan or space heater while reading in your favorite chair. As a consequence, Amazon Echo of course is a bit more expensive, but these endless possibilities are worth considering.

Water-resistant watch

Solid wrist watch is a must-have for both men and women, thus making it only logical to buy one as a medical school graduate gift. If you have worked in hospital, then you know that things can get messy in a matter of seconds. Bifferent bodily fluids, unexpected situations… Now,we wouldn’t want for a watch to get some damage,would we? Hence the water-resistance function as an important aspect. We chose two wrist watches that’d be suitable for medical school graduates. Main difference is simple –  one is a classic watch while the other,although looking classic, is a full-on smartwatch.

Nixon’s water-resistant watch

Leather strap,stainless steel case and mineral crystal dial window. Sounds good already? Mineral crystal consists of several elements that have been heat-treated to gain good hardness. Hardness is significant in order to achieve good resistance against scratches. Analog type display, along with other attributes give that great classical look. Wear it at work,at social events or during holiday, wear it even under water! This watch will perform perfectly, just don’t swim deeper than 330 ft.

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch

medical school graduate giftThis smartwatch transmits data from your phone, from your body onto your wrist, without interrupting activities you were doing at that time.  No need to check the phone to see if you got any important messages, how many steps have you walked to day,how many calories have you burned or what’s the current heart rate. Just receive a push notification on your watch.

Compatibility with Android and iOS platforms ensures it will work with most part of the smartphones on the market. Some tech specifications to blow your mind – 1,2 GHz processor, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 4 GB internal memory and a powerful 300mAh battery will keep this monster alive up to 1,5 days without a recharge. Perfect for the long shifts awaiting medical school graduates.  While it has a high functionality, that comes at a certain cost. Water-resistance has been measured of maximum 3 feet.

Mini tablet

Tablet popularity has increased in recent years and they have created and maintained a tough competition for classical e-Readers. That’s not a surprise since they offer a wide variety of options and reading is only one of them. Mini tablet will fit perfectly in pocket of the lab coat, won’t take much space in a bag and will come  in-handy for studying in work environment as well as for entertainment reading and leisure activities. There’s a huge variety of apps that make doctor’s life easier. So,by making this the medical shcool graduate gift you can be sure it will serve two purposes at the very least.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Would it be browsing online, reading an e-book or streaming videos, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is here to deliver! The 1,2 GHz processor working together with Android OS platform will make a great user experience. Even though the 8GB memory will not last for long, you can easily boost the memory capacity by up to 32 GB by simply inserting microSD card. Connect it to outer world by utilizing built-in WiFi. Despite it being a neat choice for a tablet, there are some imperfections. Front 1,3 MP and rear 3 MP cameras might give a good picture only under premium light conditions. The bright 7.0-inch, 1280×800 resolution display somewhat lacks vividity of the text, though it’s decent enough overall.

Apple iPad Mini 2 with Retina display

For the simple reason, that the name of the device includes a specification about the display, I feel I have to point out why is this display worth mentioning.  Sure, 7,9-inch, 2048×1536 display itself sounds good. The Retina display has pixel density of 326 pixels per inch in contrast to  that of Galaxy Tab 4 display with 216ppi.

Number may not always reflect the user experience but Retina display literally stands out. High-definiton videos actually have a clear,detailed image. That will be of benefit not only for entertainment purposes but also in the case of watching any medicine-related manipulations. Don’t even worry about text being vague, your medical school graduate will not have any problems reading a scientific article because the text is sharp. And of course, one might not recognize a known picture if looked at it through this screen as Retina display does indeed reveal new details.

Apple iPad Mini 2 is equipped with a 1,2 MP front and 5 MP rear camera which is decent although many phones on the market have better cameras.  Since the processor and  RAM is top-notch, the user might have 99 problems but the speed of his iPad will not be one. Not even mentioning that by purchasing this product one can continue to build their Apple environment through iCloud,enhancing the user experience.

Symbolic medical school graduate gift

What possesses both practical and symbolic value? Moreover, what is practical and what is symbolic for a medical school graduate? The task to think of a gift possessing both qualities might be a tough one. Luckily for you, we’re here to help you. Read further to know more!

Engraved pen

When thinking about how should a practical medical school graduate gift look like, some make mistake thinking that the graduate will have an office of his own during the first years of residency. Nevertheless,there are certain office-type gifts that doesn’t require an actual office. Engraved pen is one of them. Pen is a practical tool but by personalizing it, we achieve a good and memorable gift. Each time the particular graduate will write a prescription or fill out patient’s history during his work life, he is going to look back at the time when he graduated from medical school. What is more, he is going to remember about you.

Cross  Classic Century Pen and Pencil Set

Cross Classic Century Pen is created by America’s oldest manufacturer of fine writing instruments. Being in the business for 170 years they know their clients’ preferences. Made in minimalistic style called Lustrous Chrome one can already visualize how it fits perfectly in doctor’s chest pocket. It’s not all about looks,though. Pen is equipped with medium ink and good weight distribution,thus providing smooth lines and making the writing especially handy. Pencil has a .7mm lead making it optimal for use in everyday life situations. Engraving is included in the price and is going to appear on both – pen and pencil. Whereas both of them are going to be placed in a premium gift box. Oh…Did I mention lifetime mechanical guarantee?

 Waterman Expert Black with Gold Trim

This piece of art was made in France. The design is similar to that of fountain pen, but with adjustments for the rush of daily life in 21st century. Instead of fountain pen type nib, Waterman Expert Black has a ballpoint, being always ready when you need it. It never dries out and works beautifully on most surfaces, Waterman has taken care of a flawless line in most unexpected situatuions. Just like the ones your graduate will encounter himself after a short time. Perfectly aesthetic shape, accentuated by classic black gloss lacquer and finished with a captivating 23-Karat gold trim. The free engraving is going to show up gold, matching the trim. Comes in a Waterman pen gift case.

The House of God

” Take a chill pill” should be replaced by ” Have something good to read”. This book written by Samuel Shem which is a pseudonym for American psychiatrist Stephen Bergman, depicts what training to become a doctor is truly like, in all its terror, exhaustion and black comedy. At the same time being both funny and serious “The House of God”  actually prepares the young, immature minds for the life that awaits them in the hospital. This will be a good reading material along the way. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt message and congratulation on the back of the cover.

Consider combining this book and a Starbucks Gift Card. While the card may not seem the most memorable, it will be a ” lifesaver” in early mornings and throughout the day. Besides,they fit together perfectly. Haven’t you seen those people who read newspapers and books at Starbucks?

Frame for Diploma

Frame for a Diploma is like a frame for a painting. While it doesn’t change the quality of the framed work, it enhances the overall image. A well framed diploma is a must for each graduate and thus it’s also a unique medical school graduate gift. You can choose the materials it’s made of, personalized emboss and of course the exact name of the University your graduate went to. This gift will serve all his upcoming professional career and when the time comes and the doctor gets his own office, he will proudly hang it on the wall.

St. Luke’s medallion and chain

Although might not be appopriate as a medical school graduate gift for every person, this is a good reminder of the calling doctors responded when entered the field of medicine. Saint Luke was one of four evangelists. He is also the patron of medical profession. St. Luke’s medallion might be of help in the toughest of life situations, maintaining hope and sanity. Different materials to choose from and different length of the chain to make the perfect match for your graduate.

Personalized glass plaque

Medical school graduates can only dream of an office for their next milestone in their career that is residency. However,this memorable and personal gift will be of great value also at their homes. Would it be a motivational quote, quote of a famous doctor or maybe simple words of gratitude , this is going to warm their hearts and be one of ways to remember the long way behind them and keep motivated and focused on the road ahead of them.

Medical school graduate gift for comfort

Everyone is familiar with the concept of “getting out of one’s comfort zone”,right? Surely,it is important to reach one’s goals,as well as to live an interesting life. However, what if I told you medical graduates have spent a good part of their lives being outside the comfort zone. And guess what, they will continue residing there for another few years there. If this is the case, it would be nice to make this “out-of-comfort-zone” as comfy as possible,isn’t that right?

Tempurpedic pillow

medical school graduate gift
As odd as it may sound for a medical school graduate gift, this particular type of pillows undoubtedly is one of the best for a proper night sleep. Or,in the case of medical professionals, for quick naps during the shift if they have the luxury of having some time for that. Nevertheless,even if they won’t be able to use it in the stressful work environment, they are going to be more than pleased to fall in their beds after the shift knowing someone has taken care of their sleep. You might as well check tempurpedic mattresses to further improve the sleep experience.

Dansko clogs

A very popular medical school graduate gift is a stethoscope. No one’s arguing,everyone will appreciate a good quality stethoscope. Seems logical, stethoscopes are used on a daily basis. However, there’s a thing (well,two things since they come in pairs) used way more often. All the time. Shoes. Eighty-hour work week demands a high quality footwear, which will make those long hours easier to bear. Dansko clogs are one of the most popular among medical professionals,both men and women. Wide variety of colors and models to fit every taste.

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