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Ultimate Guide to Find Best Gifts for Doctors

gifts for doctors
Medical team consists of many doctors – younger and older!

Finding gifts for doctors can be hard sometimes. Keep in mind that there are many specializations in medical field and each specialty is slightly different. While every specialty is little bit different – doctors share common features too. So let’s start!


Who would have thought that one word can have so many associations? In fact, so many controversial ones. Health and sickness. Hope and despair. Faith and disbelieve. Love and hatred. In the end, good news and bad news.

It’s so easy to jump from one association to another, completely forgetting previous emotions and experience. But leaving the associations aside, if you know a doctor, then you are aware that they are smart and whole-souled.

Doctors are always there to help you. Doctors help whether by working on getting to the bottom of your health concern, or by simply talking to you in a tough moment of your life.

Therefore Medical Gift Guide team has put together unique content to find gifts for medical specialists so You could make doctors happier and make your life easier.

From here you can either read our introduction about medical doctors or go straight to the gift guides for specific specialty:

Who is a medical doctor?

Doctor is someone who is willing to put problems of other people above his own. At the end of their studies they have sworn to the best of their abilities and judgement to treat the sick, preserve privacy of the sick and to pass on the knowledge of medicine for next generations of doctors.

Doctor is someone who will work hard towards diagnosing the cause of patient’s problem. There is a huge variety of sub-specialties .Main aim stays same for all of them, whether you refer to gastroenterologist, endocrinologist or micro-surgeon.

What medical doctors do?

“Medical doctor” is a broad term. It involves all sub-specialties there are and thus task to define what are they doing is not an easy one. For example, fact that you perhaps didn’t know is there are plenty of doctors you don’t see when you’re having a consultation at a clinic. Pathologists, microbiologists, radiologists or laboratory doctors.

To explain what doctors do we need to create a comparison. Let’s think of medical doctors as a family that work separately and together towards reaching two main goals. One goal is trying to reach full recovery of an ill patient. Another is acting to maintain healthy population by preventing the spread of dangerous diseases and informing the society about proper lifestyle principles.

Some are working primarily on preventing diseases.

Some are searching and trying to find already formed condition.

Others are using a scalpel to treat the condition radically.

Then there are those who help all other doctors to thoroughly understand the pathology.

Physicians and surgeons – what’s the difference?

Medical doctors could be divided in two big groups – physicians and surgeons. While physician is someone who treats conditions primarily with medications, surgeon is the one who makes a specific manipulation, called operation, to treat other conditions. Some might think that one is superior to the other but actually it’s just two sides of the same coin.

The word “surgeon” is derived from Greek “kheirourgos” what means “working by hand”, whereas the word “physician” is derived from Latin word “physica” meaning “natural science”, since most medicines were obtained from natural substances.

Therefore, surgeons are the ones who work by performing operations, utilizing many specific instruments. The best known for you might be the traditional scalpel. However, it doesn’t make even one percent of all the instruments available that are used on a daily basis.

Physicians, on the other side, have a much greater theoretical approach. Although surgeons are also collecting information that’s somewhat to a lesser extent. So, physicians work by gathering medical history and performing different examinations. They accumulate many data, interpret them and choose the appropriate medicine accordingly.

Besides that, doctors are people themselves. Usually, highly intellectual people. They might love going to theater, opera or some art exhibition. It’s an old wisdom that art soothes the soul. Albeit, it’s possible that even after an especially tough day doctors don’t show their tiredness and frustration at home that doesn’t mean they’re not.

For others best relaxation method can be some active sports like going to gym, going for a trip to nature. Or, on the contrary, just staying home, reading an interesting book or watching a great movie. Why not?

How to find perfect gifts for doctors?

Doctor’s profession is synonym to working in high-stress environment.

That involves communication with a lot of people with different mentalities. Also not having enough sleep or not getting it at all for the whole shift. At the same time doctors have tremendous responsibility which requires advanced level of alertness.

Just think for a second. If that would be You working under such conditions what could make You feel better? Moreover, when you would come home, what would You like to do? Great! Now take these emotions and desires and attribute them to the person you wish to make happy with this gift.

Before you’re making the final decision about the gift, you need to bear in mind doctors are not working only in hospitals. That’s a common misconception. Quite frequently they’re also working as lecturers in universities, managing their own private practices. Doctors are also being involved in public health organizations, the most-recognized worldwide would be WHO or World Health Organization.

Combine this information with the personal interests and hobbies of the particular doctor and here you go, the idea of the perfect gift is right here!

Now You have read short introduction. Let’s learn little bit more about each specialty.

Gifts Ideas for Doctors in Cardiology

gifts for cardiologists

Cardiologists are the ones who are responsible for our cardio-vascular health. Cardiology doctors can have different sub-specializations. As a result, they can have different work environment. Also there are such profession as an interventional cardiologist and they mainly will perform minimally invasive procedures.

These are just some of the things which You need to consider when searching gifts ford doctors in cardiology.

Additionally, of course, cardiologists will love everything what is connected with the heart. Anatomically correct heart necklace pendants or other accessories connected with heart will be a great option.

To see our full gift suggestion list visit our article on gift ideas for cardiologists. 

Gifts Ideas for Doctors in Neurology

Gifts for Neurologists

Neurologists are responsible for the most important organ in our body – the brain (cardiologists maybe would argue about that 🙂 ). In order to be responsible for the most complex structure in whole universe one needs to learn a lot. To understand the brain completely it is necessary to have knowledge from anatomy, physiology, chemistry, mathematics, psychology and computer science.

So how it is possible to find gifts for doctors who devoted their lives to treat brain?

The answer is right in front of Your eyes – brain.

Neurologists love everything that is connected with brain, whether it’s a jewelry, watch, socks and other things.

To see our full guide on how to find gifts for neurologists follow this link.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Surgery

Gift ideas, gifts for surgeons

Surgeons are the doctors who perform examinations and treat surgical conditions. These conditions can include different types of inflammations (like cholecystitis, appendicitis, pancreatitis etc.). Usually surgeons are one of the most popular and widely recognized professions.

Also surgery was one of the first specialties in history of mankind. Actually surgery was performed even before anesthesia was introduced and was one of the most recognized professions in 19th century.

To be a surgeon it is necessary to devote a lot of years for studies. After finishing medical school surgeons sub-specialize in certain type of surgery. It could be oncology surgery, abdominal surgery, face and neck surgery, endocrine surgery, pediatric surgery, cardio-thoracic surgery etc. This training can go up to 7-8 years. In total the time necessary to become a surgeon could be around 10 – 14 years. That’s a lot and it’s a first clue to find a gift!

To learn more about  surgeon specialty feel free to go to our specific gift guide page which is devoted for surgeons.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Pediatrics

gifts for doctors
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The best description of pediatrician may be the etymological explanation. The word pediatrician was made by combining two Greek words “pais” and “iatros”, meaning child and healer respectively. So pediatricians are doctors who are specialized in curing children.

Actually pediatricians do almost everything – perform examinations, they do surgeries, pediatricians will assess child’s development is happening without any delay, immunization and many other things.

In other words, pediatricians are taking care of your child in all the ways possible.

So to learn how to choose gifts for doctors who are specialized in treating children go to our post on gifts for pediatricians.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Dentistry

gifts for doctors
Professional Dentist tools and chair in the dental office.

Dentists treat usually treat the teeth, mouth, gums and other areas. They also best respond and treat your oral and dental health problems and issues no matter how simple or severe the condition is. Another field where dentists are working – encourage you to maintain healthy oral and dental health all the time.

Actually dentists are one of the specialties which “has almost everything”! That’s why gift selection can be challenging. To read more about gift selection for dentists go further to gift ideas for dentists.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Radiology

gifts for doctors in radiology

Probably You won’t see Radiologists too often (unless You are performing ultrasound examination). They are a hidden force in hospital. They have finished medical school and decided to specialize in medical imaging field.

Other physicians relay heavily on radiologists. In nowadays medical imaging has taken huge steps forward and actually is essential for medical diagnosis. Keeping that in mind – radiologists often spend a lot of time analyzing CT, MRI and X-ray images.

The main keyword for radiologist is diagnosis. In most hospitals to confirm diagnosis it is necessary to prove it. Radiologists are able to do it! So other physicians could continue with the best treatment for the patient.

Follow this link to learn more about radiologists and how to choose gifts for them in our gift guide.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in General Practice

gift ideas, gifts for General practitioners
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General practitioner is primary medical care specialist. That means they are so called “gate keepers” who are seeing patients first and then they decide where to refer patients next.

Usually general practitioners have their own office where they see patients. First clue to help find gifts for general practitioners – try to be creative and think about what could improve their everyday life in office? Or maybe some useful item that will ease their work?

I you can imagine how much time family doctors are spending with patients. So we have some gift suggestions that could improve communication with patients.

To read full guide on gift ideas for general practitioners follow this link.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Emergency Medicine

gift ideas for Emergency medicine doctors
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Emergency medicine doctors probably have the most stressful job of all medical field. Patients in an emergency room are there to see emergency medicine doctors as they play an important part within any hospital and are crucial for successful treatment.

Emergency medicine doctors are trained to stabilize patients within a short amount time. This is extremely important as specialized doctors may not be available at the needed times.

Follow this link to learn even more about emergency medicine doctors and how to find gifts for them.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)

gifts for ear, nose and throat doctors
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Ear, nose and throat doctors or it’s easier to say ENT doctors treat these parts of human body. Otherwise they are known as otolaryngologists. ENT specialists can be helpful if You have headaches too, for example, in cases of sinusitis.

So ENT specialists have to do a lot of explaining for patients. That’s why anatomical models of inner ear, head and larynx could be great gift for them.

Our gift guide on ENT doctors for even more information will be helpful for You.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Obstetrics and Gynecology

gifts for doctors

Obstetricians and Gynecologists will help females and pregnant women. They are mainly concerned about reproductive system and reproductive organs. In some cases Obstetricians and Gynecologists will ask advice to Endocrinologists.

As the statistics show obstetricians and gynecologists in most cases are females and approximately only ~15-25% of men are specialized in OB/GYNS. Obstetricians are proud of what they do and satisfaction of work is huge. As a result many times You will see that they help their patients even after delivery or after medical problems are gone.

So read our full article on what gynecologists and obstetricians do and how to choose gifts for them here.

Gift Ideas for Doctors in Internal Medicine

gifts for doctors

Internal medicine doctors are treating all diseases which are connected with our internal organs. Sometimes You will see that internal medicine doctors sub-specialize in other areas. Some of these areas are cardiolology, gastroenetrolgy, endocrinology and other sub specialties

They handle patients who have undifferentiated multi-system illnesses as they await for the proper diagnosis to be done. So they have to know a lot. Also the range of their work is huge and it’s better that You go to our article on internal medicine doctors where we discuss how to find gifts for them.

Full article is avaliabale here – gift selection for internal medicine doctors here. 

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