Gifts for Nurses

gifts for nurses
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When we are in pain, when we are infirm or when we just need comfort when a loved one is unwell or suffering, a nurse always is there with a helping hand. How are we able to say thank you to them, what kind of gifts for nurses are welcome?

Nurses are special people with a unique calling. More importantly, they are there when we need them most. Taken for granted at times or worse ignored nurses take what they do in their stride. Nurses accept everything that’s thrown at them. Sometimes this results in taking them for granted and even ignoring their needs.   It is what they do. Nurses do their job because they care and love what they do, not for the money.

If a person says: “I’m a doctor”, that doesn’t specify in which specialty he’s working. Duties and responsibilities differ from one specialty to another. The same applies to nurses. Physicians and nurses work in a team. For example, imagine your favorite team. Each player has a specific task but they all work towards one goal. Nurses have a wide range of duties, where administering patients’ medicines and their observation are only a few of them.

A nurse in a children’s ward. A nurse in a hospice dealing with sick and dying patients near the end of their life. Or a dispensary nurse. No matter what kind of nurse a person is, they are all cut from the same cloth. People really need to thank nurses for what they do and finding gifts to say thank you for nurses can be challenging.

Perhaps you have a special nurse in your life, who you wish to make happier. What sorts of gifts for nurses are appropriate and welcome for birthdays and other times of the year?

Here are five simple gifts for nurses that will always go down well.

Super Powered Nurse Mug

Nurses work hard, they work long hours and coffee breaks are always welcome even if few and often far between. A humorous coffee mug with “I am a nurse. What is your super power?”  is a fun gift any hard working nurse will appreciate. Affordable, simple with a big variety of designs to choose from and when given, especially by a young patient, the sentiment will be felt each time the mug is used.

Relaxing atmosphere

Nurses often work crazy hours and relaxing atmosphere is essential.  Dealing with things some people cannot even imagine, unwinding in a hot bath can provide it. One can boost this experience with the simple gift of some bathroom soaps, bath salts and bubble bath.  More than that, think in terms of aromatherapy, combine different aromas in different products. Does she have a waterproof shower speaker? If not, that could be one missing piece to complete relaxation after that exhausting shift. Gift packs are available for both men and women. Besides, you can put together your own specially packed gift, taking into account their preferences.

A three-hand watch

If the nurse is someone special in your life a gift that expresses the sentiment of your friendship or relationship would be a watch. A stylish yet practical three-hand watch becomes part of a nurses daily equipment, measuring pulses, timing heartbeats or just checking on the time.  Simple, practical, elegant and stylish a good watch will be something any nurse will cherish. A wide range of materials, colors and prices will ease the task to choose a watch the nurse will enjoy.

To learn more about watches for nurses and what things to consider when buying one read more at http://www.picktheticker.com/best-watches-for-nurses/ 

Carry that weight

Nurses carry a lot of stuff with them on every shift. Student nurses carry a lot of books and notes as well as their everyday items. Therefore, a durable, stylish bag is one of the best gifts for nurses you can buy.  Backpacks and/or duffle bags are strong, practical and affordable. Good bags make thoughtful gifts for nurses. Before making the purchase you should observe what kind of colors the nurse prefers and then just go for it!

Two gifts for nurses that cost nothing

The best gifts for any nurse that you can give costs absolutely nothing. These free gifts for nurses are what every nurse really wants. Two words and one action: Thank You and a smile. It costs nothing and comes from the heart and everyone can give these gifts to any nurse at any time and the nurse will take it gladly.

Additionally, when choosing gifts for nurses, one must take into account that nurse profession becomes more and more popular also among males. If the nurse you want to give the gift for is a male, you might want to, for example, change the color of the gift.

Even though some slight adjustments can be made to fit for each person, all of the above-mentioned gifts for nurses are perfect for both female and male nurses.