20 Interesting Accessories and Jewelry for Doctors and Your Medical Friends

If You are searching gifts for doctors – one of things to consider is jewelry and accessories.

Pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets – all these accessories are great addition for everyone who wants to stand out from a crowd.

While there are many types of jewelry and accessories – there are medical themed accessories too. We thought if you or your nurse or doctor friend is keen on accessories then it would be nice to give one with a medical addition.

Here you can find 20 beautiful, medical themed, anatomically correct accessories for your friends and family.

Necklace Pendants for Doctors

Anatomical Heart Necklace Pendant - Jewelery for doctors
Anatomically correct heart with pulmonary arteries, aortic arch and pulmonary veins.

1. Heart Necklace Pendant

Pendants are easy to wear, they are fashionable and can be interesting addition to Your style. Heart is the most important organ in our body (sorry brain) so everyone could appreciate work of heart by wearing such necklace. There are some doctors who are more connected to the heart and those would be, of course, cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists and heart surgeons.


Brain Necklace Pendant - Jewelery for doctors
Brain with all it’s sulci and gyri!

2. Brain Necklace Pendant

All humans have brain and it’s second most important organ in our body (yup, heart probably is more important). While brain can be symbol of wisdom and knowledge, in medicine it is neurologists symbol. You can search through and try to find golden or gold plated anatomically correct brain too.

3. Neuron Necklace Pendant

Neuron Necklace Pendant - Jewelery for doctors
Neuron connections as a necklace!

We know how the brain looks, but actually brain is made from neurons. One of the main characteristic things for neurons is that they form connections or synapses. So this necklace excellently shows how neurons are interconnected. Neurons also can symbolize wisdom and knowledge. While neurons are typical symbol of neurology, neurons could be nice jewelry for neuroradiologists (which is subscpecialization of radiology and if you are searching for radiology git ideas check out our guide here).

Rib Cage Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors
Shiny rib cage – perfect jewelry for doctors such as cardio-thoracic surgeons!

4. Rib Cage Necklace Pendant

Rib cage is important for one reason – it protects our heart, lungs and blood vessels. Who would be interested in this kind of accessory? – Cardiothoracic surgeons, pulmonologists and cardiac surgeons. Those are the specialties which are focusing on rib cage or focusing on organs which are located in rib cage.

Cohlea Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors
Cochlea pendant – par of our inner ear!

5. Cochlea Necklace Pendant
Excellent choice as a jewelry piece for ear, nose and throat doctors . If you are not familiar with human anatomy we will help you! Cochlea is part of ear. To be more precise here is what Wikipedia says about it:

Bony labyrinth

The spiral cavity of the inner ear containing the organ of Corti, which produces nerve impulses in response to sound vibrations.

So basically cochlea is organ which has a huge impact on our hearing apparatus and without it we wouldn’t be able to hear.


6. Humerus Necklace Pendant

Humerus Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors Humerus is biggest bone of lower leg and helps to form our upper thighs. Usually orthopedic surgeons has to deal a lot with humeral fractures and injuries. Other specialists who sees humerus a lot are radiologists (especially musculo-skeletal radiologists). That’s why this accessory could be interesting for them!

Lung necklace pendant - Jewelry for doctors
Lung pendant – Just breath!

7. Human Lung Necklace Pendant

Maybe for most of the people this necklace pendant will look like a tree branches. But it won’t be the case if You would give this necklace to pulmonologists! Pulmonogologists is a doctor who is responsible for lung health.

What would pulmonologist do? – Do the breathing tests, check pulmonary health, order necessary blood tests to assess lung health and give you recomendations on how to treat Your lungs. So as a simple “Thank You” gift this necklace would be perfect!

 8. Oxytocin Necklace Pendant

Oxytocin Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors
Oxytocin chemical molecula

Some people call it also a love hormone and a sex hormone. You can not be in medicine if You do not love medicine. That’s why this necklace would be perfect for everyone who is in medical field – nurses, doctors, surgeons, assistants, residents and medical students too.

Serotonin Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors
Serotonin – happiness hormone

Serotonin and oxytocin makes ultimate happiness!

Why? Because Love and Happiness are the most craved feelings in human life.

To whom these two necklace pendants would be suitable? Easy!

Biochemistry specialists, laboratory doctors and maybe histologists!

Kidney Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors
Kidney pendant with artery, vein and calyx!

9. Kidney Necklace Pendant

Again, for most people this pendant could look like bean or pea, but not for doctors.

Every doctor will recognize this jewelry piece as a kidney! Of course, this would be really special necklace for nephrologist – doctor who treats kidneys!

10. Larynx Necklace Pendant

Larynx Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors Ear, nose and throat doctors would love this piece of jewelry! While it looks little bit confusing (even for our Medical Gift Guide team) if you look more closely then You can see cartilages and trachea.

11. Pancreas Necklace Pendant

Pancreas Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors Pancreas is part of Gastrointestinal tract. It is responsible for secreting insulin into the bloodstream and different enzymes to duodenum to facilitate food processing in our guts.

This pendants would be interesting for gastroenterologists, endocrinologists and surgeons who specialises in pancreatic surgeries.

12. Skeleton head Necklace Pendant

Skeleton Head Necklace Pendant - Jewelry for doctors

While for the most people skeleton heads could look terrifying and unpleasant, medical students in first years doesn’t feel like that.

During first two years of medical studies student has to learn all the bones, nerves, organs and blood vessels which are locates in head. To learn all these numerous things student has to look on a skull a lot.

So if you are searching something interesting for Your medical student – maybe this could be an option!

Moreover, You can make it as a jewelry gift for medical student when he or she passess anatomy exam!

These were the most interesting medical necklace pendants and hopefully You found something useful too!

We will move one and look on some medical themed earrings!

Earrings for Doctors and Your Medical Friends

1. Heart Shaped Earrings and Anatomical Heart Earrings

Heart Earrings - Earrings for doctors

Anatomical Heart Earrings - Earrings for doctors Same thing goes here as it was in necklace pendants. Heart is the most important organ in our bodies! You just have to choose whether You like anatomically correct heart or “romantic” heart!

2. Skeleton Earrings

Skeleton Earrings - Earrings for doctors Previously we discussed that skull necklace pendant would be good for medical students!

Well guess what… Students have to learn not only head bones, but also all the bones in human body. Conclusion – great piece of jewellery when they would pass anatomy exam!

3. Anatomical Brain Earrings

Brain Earrings - Earrings for doctors As we concluded in the beginning – brain is the second most important organ. Excellent jewellery for doctors like neurosurgeons and neurologists!

4. Wooden Lung Earrings

Lung Earrings - Earrings for doctors

5. Neuron Earrings

Brain Neuron Earrings - Earrings for doctors

6. Anatomical Eyeball Earrings

Eye Opthalmology Earrings - Earrings for doctors

We hope You enjoyed our top pick of jewelry for doctors. If You are still searching for jewelry gift ideas You can try and look for specific birthstones according to month, for example, November birthstones or December birthstones.

If you are still searching some gift ideas for doctors or other medical  specialists be sure to check our pages which are dedicated for:

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