Are Natural and Organic Toothpastes Better?

Natural and Organic Toothpaste

High dosage of fluoride is harmful not only to your oral health but also to your general health. Most of the water you take has this fluoride, and you probably do not need it in your toothpaste. On the other hand, herbs and mint are widely used in natural toothpastes making them the best option.

What to Look for in Natural Toothpaste

Choosing organic toothpaste is not easy especially when you have no idea about the ingredients. Healthy toothpastes should not contain saccharin which is a kind of sugar. For the natural toothpastes, they contain stevia which is known to be the best sweetener. It’s better than the refined sugar and is derived from plants.

Consider the Ingredients in the Toothpaste

Ingredients are what matters whether toothpaste is natural or conventional. Some of the ingredients to have in healthy toothpaste include peppermint oil, myrrh, and aloe. They are not only for removing food particles on your teeth; but they are also great in fighting cavity-causing bacteria and giving your mouth a fresher breath.

Ensure it does not Contain Artificial Bleaching Agents

With organic toothpaste, you whiten your teeth naturally without risking their health. This kind of toothpaste does not contain artificial bleaching agents that are common in conventional toothpastes. Some will have hydrated silica which is a great ingredient in whitening your teeth.

What are the Advantages of Using Organic Toothpaste?

Reducing or eliminating sensitivity, giving you natural whiteness, protecting against fluoride-caused issues and simple natural flavors are some of the benefits or organic toothpastes.

Organic and Natural Toothpastes Reduce Sensitivity

When you take a hot or cold drink, and your teeth cannot withstand it, this is known as sensitivity. It is a very common problem today, and unfortunately, many have no idea how it can be prevented. Natural toothpaste reduces this sensitivity, and you take your drinks comfortably.

They have Distinctive Natural Flavors

Organic tooth paste has a distinctive flavor such as that of mint. Plant oils are used in natural toothpastes for flavor, and that is why they have real flavors such as that of mint. In the conventional ones, dyes and artificial flavorings are used. They are not good for your health making natural toothpastes the healthiest option you can have.

Since conventional toothpastes are cheaper than the organic ones, you may be tempted to keep using them. Using natural products on your teeth will reduce unnecessary visits to your dentist which in turn saves you money and enhances your general health. Eliminate bad breath and gum disease completely by using toothpastes that are of benefit to the whole mouth. If you are looking for the healthiest toothpaste, consider going natural.

(Picture credit © Kcc008 | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

(Picture credit © Kcc008 | Dreamstime Stock Photos)

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