R.O.A.D. to success – Is Radiology easier than other medical specialties?

R.O.A.D. to success - Is Radiology easier than other medical specialties?

There are a number of occupations that people are doing in the world. Same thing we see in Medicine. Someone wants to be a surgeon, some people have a great interest in biology, some have a dream to be a oncologist and some choose other specialties.

There are many specialties in medical field but there is a quote “R.O.A.D. to success”.

R.O.A.D. stands for four medical specialties – Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology and Dermatology. These specialties are considered easier, doctors in these specialties have higher lifestyle and better work/life balance.

In a study from Uniformed Services University in Bethesda students were asked which specialties has highest lifestyle. Four specialties rated highest for lifestyle (1-9, with 9 being highest) were dermatology (8.4), radiology (8.1), ophthalmology (8.0), and anesthesiology (7.5).

In a series of articles we will discuss whether these specialties are really easier or it’s just a myth.

Today we will focus on Radiology.

What kind of job is in Radiology ?

Radiologists are people who specialize in medical imaging field. Their main work is connected with interpretation of images. These could be X-ray images, CT scans, MRI images or dynamic examination with ultrasound scanner. Patients don’t see radiologists too often, but physicians from other fields relay heavily on radiologists. In nowadays medical imaging has taken huge step forward and actually is essential for medical diagnosis. If we look how radiology has changed in last 10 years – changes are huge. But according to field experts – future of radiology is still bright.

According to DiagnosticImaging.com the raidologists will still remain one of the most important specialties in medical field and that will come along with high financial benefits for radiologists too. Teleradiology is on the rise and will have a huge impact on medical field in future.

What will happen with radiology in next 10 years?

There is no doubt that machine learning will impact medical field in future and radiology is often mentioned as one of the first specialties which will be affected. Recently in European Congress of Radiology 2017 this issue was discussed. Our three main conclusions from discussion:

  • Machine learning won’t replace radiologists but will help radiologists,
  • Machine learning will help to differentiate non-pathological images. As a result radiologists will be able to focus on more complicated cases,
  • In future radiologists who will have basic IT and programming skills will be more competitive in a labor market.

Future of radiology does sound exciting and no doubt that it will stay one of “R.O.A.D. to success” specialties.

The Way Of Living In Radiology?

Now anyone can wonder that how would be the life style of R.O.A.D. professions?

The report from the Pew Research center reveals some of the facts regarding their lifestyle.

Radiologists, it had been observed that almost 35% of the people are very happy with what they have as a profession; more over most of the radiologist enjoy the healthy life having exercise or physical activity, reading and travel but they are less attractive to the musical instruments. It has been observed that these professionals mostly works with religious organization and provide tutoring and counseling others.

On the end of the political spectrum most of them are socially liberal/fiscally conservative. The favorite travel spots that the radiologists enjoy are foreign trips and beach vacations. And usually they enjoy remarriages and least to be separated or divorced. Moreover it had been seen that about 67% radiologists have normal BMI and 28% are overweight.

What Medscape lifestyle report says about Radiology?

In conclusion I would like to take a look on Medscape lifestyle report results about previously mentioned specialties.

For radiologists favorite past times are:

  • Spending time with family.
  • Exercise and physical activity,
  • Traveling,
  • Reading,
  • Cultural events (movies, theater, museums),

Interesting thing is that radiologists are one of the most active physicians and takes 5th place in the list. Probably low activity level in working environment radiologists try to compensate by being active outside of work.

Most of the radiologists are in good shape and only 36% of radiologists are overweight. Comparing to other specialties it takes 23rd place out of 27 specialties with Pulmonary medicine being in the first place with 51%.

First and second place on question about happiness at work goes to Dermatology and Ophthalmology with 39% and 38%. Anesthesiology takes ninth place with 32% and radiology takes only 21st place with  27%. If we look on happiness outside the work then all R.O.A.D. professions are in top 10 happiest professions.  So radiologists are not so happy at work, but are happier outside of work (where they exercise a lot).

So is radiology easier than other specialties?

“Easiness” can be tricky. Radiology is specialty where you need to know little bit from everything – variations of human anatomy, clinical signs from surgery, gastroenterology and other specialties, laboratory specific findings and analytical thinking to link all this knowledge together.

That’s a challenging task, but radiologists are able to do that.

By taking in account all the aforementioned information it is clear that radiology is a specialty to choose if you want to maintain good work/life balance.

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