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10 Useful Gifts for Medical Residents that they will use

Medical residents – workforce of health care system. These are the people who have the hardest time of their life – hard work, sleepless nights, no free time and increased stress environment. While every gift will be a pleasant surprise for resident, these gifts will help them to advance in their professional career and make residency time a little bit easier

Here are our top 10 picks on useful gifts for medical residents

  • 10. Kindle Paperwhite

    Kindle paperwhite - Useful Gifts for Medical ResidentsKindle is an excellent present for anybody who has to read and learn a lot, so it would be perfect gift for a resident too. There are different models of Kindle e-readers. You can see comprehensive comparison here Compare Kindle E-readers. I would go for Kindle Paperwhite and would not suggest to buy the oldest version, because there is a very small difference in price but user experience and readability on Kindle Paperwhite is state-of-the-art: led light, better battery life and overall better user experience.


  • 9. Nespresso Coffee and Espresso Maker

    Coffee machine - Useful Gifts for Medical Residents“Coffee is the perfume of morning.” 

    Or as medical residents would say – perfume of noon, afternoon, evening and night. Coffee is tasty, it enhances your productivity and improves your mood – what else is neccessary for an excellent day? Also it is hard to find medical specialists who are not drinking coffee at all.

    Why choose Nespresso? Preparation of Coffee is super simple – add water, insert special Nespresso coffee capsule, press the button and coffee will be ready in a few minutes. Preparation for other coffee machines is harder – you need to buy filters, specific coffee beans, clean it on a regular basis etc. It takes time and what medical residents don’t have? – Exactly, time!

    If you don’t like coffee machine and prefer self-made coffee you should check this amazing coffee set – Coffee Lovers Care Package.

  • 8. Overnight/Weekend Bag
    overnight bag - Useful Gifts for Medical Residents

    Night shifts during residency is a must. There is no chance that medical residents will be able to escape night shifts. The best way to prepare for night shift is to take everything you need – clothes, toothbrush, razor (for guys), some snacks and basically everything you need. To do that you will need as we call it “overnight bag”. I would suggest to keep the design simple, formal and choose middle-sized bag. This S-Zone weekend bag is an excellent choice.

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  • 7. Oxford Handbook of /insert medical residents specialty here/

    In medical field learning never stops. It doesn’t stop in medical residency either. It changes a little bit, you have to start learning more specific things which are related to your specialty. There are plenty of handbooks but the most popular brand is Oxford Handbooks. You can find Oxford Handbook for every specialty, for example, Cardiology, Clinical Surgery, Internal Medicine and many more.
    So you need to know specialization and there you go – gift which resident will use almost every day.

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  • 6. High Quality Scrubs
    Medical scrubs - Useful Gifts for Medical Residents

    What you wear is how you present yourself to the world!”

    There can never be enough scrubs for medical residents. Why? Because scrubs can get dirty, someone could spill coffee on it, not even mentioning some blood stains, other bodily fluids or stains from food – so it’s good to have back-up scrub which will save you from unpleasant moments. Secondly, keep in mind that scrubs should be of high quality. Better quality scrubs will be little more expensive but it’s worth to pay a little bit more for the clothes which will represent you and serve as the first impression to the patients!

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  • 5. Amazon Gift Card
    Amazon gift card - Useful Gifts for Medical Residents

    Yes, that’s right – good ol’ Amazon gift card!

    While this is not the most creative gift, medical resident will definitely use it! Thanks to Amazon Prime service it’s excellent way to get products next day, satisfy Your needs and get what you want!

  • 4. Backpack

    Backpack - Useful Gifts for Medical ResidentsWhile they are in residency one of medical residents’ tasks include writing scientific papers, preparing for presentations, learning and keeping in touch with the latest research! To sucessfuly complete all these tasks there are some things you need – laptop, books, notes and a backpack where to put it!

    These Booq Cobra Squeeze Backpacks are excellent in design and can hold it all togeather – our top choice to keep thing organized in your backpack and to carry everything you need around!

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  • 3. Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat
    Neck and Shoulder Massager - Useful Gifts for Medical Residents

    Proper relaxation is crucial for every human being, but if you have night shifts and huge amount of work it is always good to get a proper shoulder rub. Most probably all your colleagues are busy saving lives and nobody can help you so Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat is here to help you!

    Science also backs up this gift because shoulder and neck rub increases blood flow to those specific regions and also increases blood flow to the brain.

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  • 2. Perfect lunch box
    lunch box - Useful Gifts for Medical Residents

    If you got this far then you probably know – residents don’t have too much of a free time. Most of the medical residents will bring their lunch from home, but where to store it?

    That’s right – in a perfect lunch box!

    This lunch box is our favorite as it includes portion control, meal prep containers and also an ice pack!

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  • 1. White noise machine for sleep

    White noise machine for sleep - Useful Gifts for Medical ResidentsOn those rare occasions when residents are not working in hospital and they are home they finally will have an opportunity to get proper sleep and rest. One way to make their sleep even better is with a white noise machine for sleep.

    This Palermo White Noise Machine is Amazon’s top choice and has great reviews, so there is no chance that this machine wont’t improve sleep!

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So these are our top useful gift picks for medical residents. If You have any questions, suggestions or comments – leave a comment below.

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